Double Hammock Series: Buleria Finish

Buleria? What is it? Why is a knotless chest belt called a buleria? I had no idea. So I Googled it and found this:




I have if the finish was named after this song. I have no idea if this finish has Andalusian roots. That is all I could find so I thought I would share.

This is a variation on the Tied At Shoulder. And has a chest belt similar to a Candy Cane Chest Belt finish. However, this one is what is refer to as a knotless finish—meaning the tails are not tied off with a knot. Instead, the tails are looped/wrapped around in such a way that tension from the carry secures them in place. Knotless finishes have two advantages. First they don’t have a bulky knot. Second, most can be done with shorter wraps. I am using a Soul Slings Parkeet Linen Wrap. This is a base -0.5 for me.

The variation starts just like a Tied At Shoulder Slip Knot. Measure about twice your basic often distance, place that spot on baby’s back, get baby up, and make a seat. Bring the longer tail under your arm and around your chest for a chest pass. Then spread the fabric over’s baby back for sling pass. Bring that that same tail around under your arm for a bunched horizontal pass over both of baby’s legs. dblhammock62

Bring the longer tail over the short tail. Twist them over each other towards your body once. The longer tail will now be on the bottom and the shorter tail on top. Bring the shorter tail across your chest, keeping it bunched up, to your other shoulder. dblhammock63

Loop the pass around your ruck strap starting from the outside (by your arm) in (towards your chest). dblhammock64

Pull the tail down the ground. dblhammock65

Pull both tails and adjust the loops so they are tight but comfortable on your chest.


And there you go, a Buleria Chest Belt Finish!


This a great way to still get the shoulder security of a Candy Cane Chest Belt when you don’t have enough tails to twist and make a knot.

dblhammock60Like with the other previously mentioned tied at shoulder finishes, this carry has no cross passes. So this carry may not work for seat poppers. The bunched horizontal pass does make it good for leaners though.

Good luck on this variation! Check out the others ones so far for a refresher as well!

Double Hammock Series


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