Double Hammock Series: Candy Cane Chest Belt





What can you do with your tails when you don’t have enough length to tie at your waist but more than you want to tie at shoulder? Or maybe you want something a little fancier. Or you want something to secure your shoulders together more, like a chest clip does in a SSC.

When then a Candy Candy Chest Belt is right up your alley! This a is fairly simple tied at shoulder variation. It’s a great way to keep your fabric from slipping down your shoulders, uses up tails, and can look SO fancy with even the most basic wraps.







The variation starts just like a Tied At Shoulder Slip Knot. Measure about twice your basic often distance, place that spot on baby’s back, get baby up, and make a seat. Bring the longer tail under your arm and around your chest for a chest pass. Then spread the fabric over’s baby back for sling pass. Bring that that same tail around under your arm for a bunched horizontal pass over both of baby’s legs. dblhammock50

Now both tails will be on the same side. The short one on top of your shoulder (it never moved). And the longer one underneath in your arm pit. Bring the longer tail over the shorter tail….dblhammock51Now start twisting the tails together tightly across your chest. The number of twists needed will vary depending on your body shape. The chest belt should be long enough to just reach your other shoulder. Too short and it will pinch your chest together. Too long and it won’t be supportive. dblhammock53

When you get the right belt length, bring the tail that is twisted closest to your body underneath the other shoulder strap. Now tie a secure double knot around the shoulder strap.dblhammock54

Now you have a beautiful chest belt! You probably figured out that it is called a “Candy Cane” because it’s twisted around like the peppermint candy cane from Christmas time. dblhammock55

The increased shoulder support is my favorite thing about this variation. I have a permanent back injury, and this chest belt takes just enough pressure off my upper back (where the injury is) and bring it to my front to make it extra comfortable.


This chest belt can be done with any density of wrap, but it can be hard to make thick wraps twist nicely. Not impossible, but harder to do. I used a thin Soul Slings Linen Wrap for this tutorial so you could see the twisting easily.


I love that this variation is fancy but can be done with a shorter than base wrap. I am using a base -0.5, but it is usually done with a base -1.dblhammock61

This variation, just like the other tied at shoulder ones, is great for leaners due to the bunched horizontal pass. But may not be the best for seat poppers due to the lack of cross passes.

Give this fancy but easy variations a try! Or check out my previous ones to build up to this:

Double Hammock Series



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