Two Methods to get Toddler on Your Back in an SSC

If you can get your toddler to stand still long enough to get them into an SSC, give one of these methods a try to get them on your back!

First is Superman Toss. Simply picking toddler up and flying them over your shoulder, onto your back.

Second is having them jump onto your back with you kneeling down or them standing on something stable.




Almost Knotless Ruck Carry

What do you do when your baby is cranky from teething and you want to try a new carry? Put on some music and have some fun! This a knotless ruck carry using a size 4 Girasol Tahoe, but I did one more bunched pass to get the one long tail out of the way.  The song is “Girl In A Country Song” by Maddie & Tae. Warning, white girl dancing! 

If you have questions about babywearing, please go check out  my links section and contact a babywearing educator.

Pre-tied Back Carries With Four Variations

After watching my last babywearing video, I was not that happy. It wasn’t me… I’m not a stand there and give instructions kind of person. I am not trying to be a babywearing educator, I’m just trying to show people the fun of babywearing.  I decided to take a new approach with my videos. I am just going to demonstrate how I like to do carries and add some fun music. That’s more my style, doing rather than dictating.

Anyways, this is how I learned to back carries. I struggled with making a seat and spreading the passes because I was worried he would fall. Someone from my local Babywearing International chapter showed me this video and it all started to click for me.  This is just how I like to do.

For information on how to do back carries safely, click here.