What Can You Do With A Wrapsody WrapDuo?

Last year I did a blog post on the Wrapsody WrapDuo, a sport wrap that can be used both wet and dry. Over past year, I’ve gotten to use it more, as well as other water carriers. These things are genius!

You can take a hands-free shower without a screaming baby in the other room stressing you out. And nurse them at the same time!  Then there is the joy for moms and children alike: summer water activities. Pools, splash pads, calm streams, and other fun water features.

General rules for babywearing water safety:

First, follow all the standard rules of babywearing.

  • Follow all instructions for the design of the carrier.
  • Make sure baby’s airway is clear and unobstructed at all times. Chin off chest and no fabric over their face.
  • Baby is secured in the carrier and it fits tightly against your body. You should both move as a cohesive unit.
  • Baby sits in a natural position on your body, close enough to kiss the top of their head easily.

Also, keep these safety rules in mind:

  • Be mindful of the water level. Baby’s head should never go under water. And watch for waves that can splash baby unexpectedly.
  • Make sure the spray/current it not too powerful. Don’t want baby to get knocked out of the carrier or be injured.
  • Watch the water temperature. Too cold can cause hypothermia and too hot can cause burns. Just use common sense and keep an eye on baby.

Keeping all that, wearing baby in the water can be really fun! You can stay cool, keep baby happy, and do some fun carries! The WrapDuo is suitable for most front and hip carries. That means you can try different carries as your baby grows.

DSCN3316 Final

You can start with a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry. A great beginner carry, very supportive for smaller baby without head control.

DSCN3312 Final

It’s also a poppable carry, meaning you can take baby in and out without needing to take the wrap off.

DSCN3306 Final

Easy to take baby out for a diaper change, then right back in for fun.

DSCN3295 Final

Makes chasing a toddler around a splash pad easier with a newborn.

DSCN3546 Final

Another snuggly to try while baby is working on head and trunk control is the Kangaroo Carry.

DSCN3547 Final

It is a bit more advanced, but very supportive once you get the hang of the shoulder flip.

DSCN3583 Final

Perfect for snuggles when baby is tired.

DSCN3600 Final

You can keep playing while they fall asleep, then set them down very easily in this carry since there are no cumbersome cross passes to take off.

DSCN3513 Final

Next try a Front Wrap Cross Carry. Still very supportive and suitable for a smaller baby.

DSCN3507 Final

However, it is great for a baby who has better body control but isn’t mobile yet. They can look around easily and pull their arms out to explore.

DSCN3531 Final

And if they get sleepy, you can spread the cross passes and support their head while you rock them to sleep.

DSCN3528 Final

This is a wet/dry wrap, so it is ideal for a day at the splash pad when you don’t really plan on getting wet but don’t want to risk ruining a beloved wrap.

DSCN3263 Final

When your baby is close to no longer being a baby, hip carries are a great options. Baby can look forward more while still snug to your body.

DSCN3270 Final

Try a Robin’s Hip Carry, easy to adjust as baby wiggles around and very supportive.

DSCN3258 Final

If you are having a hard time tightening the WrapDuo with your bigger baby, try getting the wrap totally wet first. It denses up and becomes more supportive.

DSCN3269 Final

The dry weight limit is 25 lbs, while the wet limit is 35 lbs.  And there is a notable difference once baby gets close to 25 lbs mark when dry.


As your baby turns into a toddler, you can still get some use out of your WrapDuo.


I suggest going back to a poppable carry, like a Front Cross Carry.

Your toddler can work on their swimming skills until they get tired, then pop them in the wrap for some snuggles.


Water babywearing has been around for a long time. How do you think women fished and got water for thousands of years? But I am sure they would have loved the quick drying material of modern day water carriers.  Get a water carrier like the WrapDuo and work on some new carries while you explore the water with your child!



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