Double Hammock Series: Introduction

The infamous Double Hammock. That ever so versatile woven wrap back carry. Mastering it is a sure fire signal that you are truly wrapper.

I spent most of 2016 getting through a difficult pregnancy and did not get to wear as much as I wanted.During this time, I did notice an interesting tread in the wrapping community though. Every week there seemed to be a new “finish” or Double Hammock Variation. So many in fact I was struggling to keep up. And honestly, this variation experimentation is continuing to this day. At first was I overwhelmed and mad I couldn’t try them all right away. But I slowly began to realize this was growth in our community. Wrappers of all skill levels are taking charge of their knowledge. Expressing themselves as a wearer. And trying new things to grow their confidence. Now I embrace every new variation I see as a piece of the World’s babywearing journey.

What the heck is the magical carry that is uniting us all? In a nut shell, it is a multiple pass carry that offers great support for most people and babies. Two opposing sling passes and bunched passes to support’s baby whole torso equally and lock the seat in place.

Soul Slings

But it’s that magical torso pass that distributes baby’s weight across your WHOLE upper body evening that brings the wrapping magic. It brings the weight off your shoulders while also sitting baby lower on your back so baby’s weight stays centralized on your torso.

Bijou Wear

As long it is tightened properly, that is. If that torso pass is too loose, be prepared for major tugging on your shoulders and killer back pain. This is common issue for beginners, and sadly turns them away from this amazing back carry.


This torso pass is the key to all the amazing variation for the Double  Hammock. And there are numerous. Plus, new ones are being made-up all the time!

The series is a journey into the Double Hammock. My attempt to catalog all the known variations and continue to add as new ones appear.

Double Hammock Series: The Basics 


Double Hammock Series: Tied Under Bum


Double Hammock Series: Tied At Shoulder


Double Hammock Series: Tied at Shoulder Slip Knot


Candy Cane Chest Belt






Buleria Finish



Photo Credit: Alacrity Photography